How to Work Remotely From Your Apartment

The growing trend of working from home shows no sign of slowing down in the new year. LinkedIn just named “time” as the perk professionals will want most going into 2020 in their annual trend forecast. Experiments with a 4-day work week have already started at Microsoft and may soon grow in popularity. Set yourself up for success by making sure your apartment is optimized for working from home. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Designate Your Workspace

Laptop on a Bed

Choose a place in your apartment that will be primarily used as your workspace. Keeping all your papers and materials in one dedicated area will help you feel organized and prevent distractions like the T.V. The same way your bed should be used mainly for bedtime to promote healthy sleep patterns, your work area should promote healthy work habits. Bonus tip: If you’re going to be video-conferencing make sure that your workspace has a background free of clutter.

2. Structure Your Day

People love remote work because it gives them the convenience and comfort of being at home, but too much flexibility can be detrimental to your productivity. Just as you have a set space, set regular hours to prevent work spilling into dinner or other times you would like to be unplugged. Communicate with your team about what times you will be online and keep it consistent so your co-workers know when you are available.

3. Use Co-working Spaces

For those that are freelancers or completely remote for their job, staying at home all day can be isolating. Consider going to a coffee shop or other public space to change it up. The Montgomery County White Oak Library is close to our Yorkshire Apartment Homes and Montgomery Paint Branch Apartment communities. The library has mobile device charging stations, meeting rooms, and photocopying/printing services to help you get your projects done.

4. Limit Digital Distractions

Social media is designed to make it easy for you to scroll and lose track of time. There are apps out there designed to help you block what distracts you most like Offtime. Whether it’s text messaging, games, or social media— productivity apps help you keep track of your screentime and prevent easy access to diversion.

Staying cozy and comfy at home while working is an amazing perk. You’ll find that our White Oak communities Yorkshire Apartment Homes and Montgomery Paint Branch Apartment provide beautiful features and layouts that will make you love spending the extra time there.

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