Surviving Allergy Season

Spring is on its way so that means it’s time for pollen and allergies. April can be one of the worst months for the Mid-Atlantic. We’re getting ready for the warm weather here at the White Oak Communities so here are some tips to help ease the sneezes.

Keep car and apartment windows closed. Avoid using fans which can agitate pollen into the air.

Check the pollen and allergy forecast daily hereFlower

When home for the day, or returning from outdoors, take a shower to help cleanse the pollen in your hair and on your skin, and to keep it from your inside your home.

Take off your shoes and change your clothes when coming home to avoid tracking pollen into the house.

Keep your apartment tidy. Here are some tips for staying pollen-free in the home.

Avoid being outside on windy days, or when pesticides or fertilizers are applied. A scarf or mask covering your mouth can help tremendously. For information on the landscaping schedule contact your community manager.

Pollen counts are at the highest mid-mornings and early afternoons so plan your days accordingly.

Wear sunglasses to help keep pollen from your eyes.

We love being pet-friendly here at White Oak. However, be mindful of letting your dog sleep in your bed as he could carry pollen in his fur. Sleeping Dog

With careful planning, you can enjoy the warming weather and blooming landscapes at our communities.