Celebrate Earth Day This Weekend (and All Year-Round)

Earth Day

Earth DayEarth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 each year since 1970. The concept was first proposed by United States Senator Gaylor Nelson, who after witnessing the massive oil spill in California the year before, wanted to combine the energy and enthusiasm of the student anti-war movement with an emerging public consciousness regarding air and water pollution. That first event, held in cities across the United States, saw 20 million Americans take to the streets, with 200 million people in 141 countries around the world celebrating it just 20 years later. This year, over 190 countries are expected to participate and there are several ways in which you can join in right here in Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding communities.

On Sunday, Brookside Gardens and Brookside Nature Center will celebrate Earth Day with a volunteer project in the morning and family-friendly activities all afternoon, which include a green craft fair, a plant sale, educational vendors, activities for children of all ages, tours of the gardens, and more. The festival is free to attend and the fullEarth Day white Oak schedule can be found here.

Did you know that a portion of the C&O Canal is just half an hour away from downtown Silver Spring? Great Falls, in Potomac, MD, is celebrating its 10th annual Canal Pride Day on Saturday with volunteer opportunities to restore and revitalize the C&O Canal. More information about Canal Pride Day can be found here.

One of the benefits of living in Silver Spring is its proximity to both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. Both cities have activities planned for Earth Day, including:

  • Earth Optimism Day at The National Zoo (Saturday, April 22) – Spend Earth Day at the National Zoo celebrating conservation success stories with family-friendly events and activities, including a scavenger hunt for the kids!
  • U.S. Botanical Garden Earth Day Celebration (Friday, April 21) – Join the United States Botanical Garden staff and celebrate Earth Day with hands-on activities and the chance to meet with White Oak Apartmentsrepresentatives of various environmental organizations from all over the world.
  • Earth Day at The National Aquarium (Saturday, April 22) – The National Aquarium staff in Baltimore is honoring Earth Day with its Animal Care Expo. Visitors will have the chance to see and experience the process of examining and treating many of the animals who call the Aquarium home, with demonstrations led by the staff veterinarians.

Of course, there are several ways to celebrate Earth Day at home, not just on Earth Day but throughout the year. Here at White Oak Communities, we offer a few suggestions on how you can do just that when you call one of our four communities home:

  • Did you know that a single gallon of gas sends 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air? Luckily, all our communities are within walking distance to a number of fantastic dining, shopping, and entertainment options!
  • If every single person in the United States only paid their bills online, it would save almost 19 million trees each year. At White Oak Communities, you can pay your rent online by setting up your account with your personal financial institution’s online banking system.
  • Our spacious apartments come with lots of living space, but lots of living space means lots of lightbulbs in use at night. Replace your light bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent lightbulbs andGrady White Oak Apartments you will not only be helping the environment but lowering your monthly electric bill as well!
  • Did you know that if every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, it would save approximately 25,000,000 trees each year? Or that recycling just one aluminum can save enough energy to run a television for three hours? How about the fact that recycling actually saves communities money, as it costs $30 per ton to recycle trash but $50 per ton to send it to a landfill and upwards of $75 per ton to incinerate it? At White Oak we care about the environment and that’s why all our communities have recycling! The containers are in the same area as the trash dumpsters and pickup is every Monday.

For more information about Earth Day 2017, and how you can do your part to help the environment year-round, visit the official Earth Day website at http://www.earthday.org/.

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