Taking Advantage of the Spring Season in Silver Spring, MD

Spring Time At White Oak

Springtime FlowersDo you remember “Snowzilla?” It seems like a distant memory but it was only a year ago that nearly three feet of snow fell across Maryland in what was the biggest snowfall in the history of the state. This winter paled in comparison to that – after all, it reached nearly 70 degrees for one week in February – so with such a mild winter it’s hard to believe that spring is almost here! The first official day of spring is next Monday, March 20, which means it is time to take advantage of all the amazing activities and events the greater Silver Spring, MD area offers when the weather turns warm. Continue reading “Taking Advantage of the Spring Season in Silver Spring, MD”

Living in Silver Spring

We love living in Silver Spring because it truly offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, we have the bustling downtown area with so many entertainment options, and on the other hand, we have our quiet White Oak neighborhood. Living in Silver Spring gives us the convenience of living near a big city with the peace and relaxation of a suburban area. Continue reading “Living in Silver Spring”