7 Tips For Being a Solid Roommate

Living alone is nice, but it’s not for everyone–mainly because it can be so expensive, but also because it can be lonely. Either way, if you’re going to choose to live with a roommate then you need to follow these seven tips to coexist successfully.

Be considerate

Do you wake up early? Does your roommate like to sleep in? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you probably shouldn’t start vacuuming the apartment at 8 AM! Unless you really want to upset your roommate.

Clean up after yourself (and your pets)

No one wants to live in someone else’s filth. Make sure you’re always picking up after yourself and cleaning up after your pets. If your cat ruins a piece of furniture that doesn’t belong to you, it’s important to offer to replace it.

Do your part

Leaving all the housework to your roommate isn’t fair. If there are certain chores you absolutely dread, talk to your roommate and see if he/she would be willing to take on those tasks while you can take on something they aren’t a fan of. It’s all about helping each other out and making a good team!

Accept changes

Change can be tough for a lot of people, but it’s important to compromise and do things that will make both you and your roommate happy. Even if that means no TV in the living room after 10 because your roommate is sleeping.

Always be open to communication and listen when they are expressing concerns. Together you should be able to problem solve and come up with a solution that works for everyone.

Pay your bills

Your roommate isn’t your parent and shouldn’t have to remind you to pay shared bills. Since they have an effect on both of you, it’s necessary to make sure these payments are on time. There’s nothing like taking a cold shower or having the lights turned off while cooking dinner because your roommate forgot to pay the bill.

Don’t take without asking

We all learned this when we were kids and it’s still important to abide by! There is nothing worse than someone taking your belongings without permission. So don’t take theirs, duh.

Some people have no problem with sharing their things and will do so willingly as long as you ask. Others may not particularly enjoy when roommates use their things even if after asking permission.

Lock up when leaving

This isn’t just crucial for roommate situations, but also important for your safety too! If you’re leaving the house and your roommate is still home, lock the door anyways–you never know what could happen! Especially if they are asleep or in the shower when you leave.

Until you are ready to live on your own, having a roommate might be a good option. While we understand living with a roommate isn’t easy, if you follow the tips above it can be much more manageable for both of you. These tips can be applied for those living with significant others, too!

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