6 Tips for Organizing Your One-Bedroom Apartment

Regardless of if you have one person or multiple people living in a one-bedroom apartment, it is always a good idea to maximize your organization! One-bedroom apartments come in all shapes and sizes. Montgomery Paint Branch, Vista at White Oak, and Yorkshire offer options for a den and balcony. Montgomery White Oak one-bedroom apartments feature an airy patio. Whatever the layout of your apartment may be, try applying these organization tips to your unique space!:

Question Your Clothes: 

ClosetWhen you open your closet, do you find yourself wearing the same 5-7 outfits every week while other articles collect dust? If so, it’s time for a clothing purge. For those that live in a four-season climate, like in Silver Spring, MD, it can be a challenge to manage wardrobes that are built to handle a wide spectrum of temperatures. Challenge yourself to look at your wardrobe by season. For example, if it’s February and you still haven’t worn that red striped sweater, it can go.

Compress What You Can:

TowelsWhether you have a plethora of extra towels, beach blankets, or sheets and want to keep them “just in case”, give vacuum compressed storage bags a try. A vacuum is used to suck the air out of the bag, dramatically reducing the amount of space the items take up. These are perfect for under bed storage!

Bins Are Your Friend:

Nothing screams organization like utilizing bins to control chaos. A large bin by your front door can house seasonal items you grab on your way out, from scarves to baseball hats. A small bin on your countertop can be a designated mail collection spot. Check out the bin organization aisle at home goods stores in Downtown Silver Spring and you’ll be impressed by how simple or stylish they can be!

Say Goodbye to Mismatched Plastic Containers:

LidsIt seems pretty universal to have a kitchen cabinet that is completely dedicated to plastic containers. Unfortunately, plastic containers are one of those things that tend to go missing or become mismatched easily. Make a habit of discarding containers with missing lids and vice versa.

Go Digital:

PhotosIt might feel impossible to let go of art projects, report cards, and other mementos. They pile up fast over the years! Photographing or scanning each item will allow you to still have the memories, but without the physical items taking up space. A hard-drive or cloud storage service takes up little to no space in your apartment.

Think Before You Buy:

People sitting. Before you purchase another decorative statue or scarf, think “Do I really need this?”. Approaching purchases with this mentality will save you from future decluttering.




For those who aren’t naturally inclined to be hyper-organized, it can be a challenge to get started. To begin, pick one task to tackle so that your organizational goals are manageable. Before you know it, your one-bedroom apartment will be exceptionally tidy!

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