5 Decluttering Tips for the New Year

5 New Year Decluttering Tips

In her best-selling book, Marie Kondo advises how to “spark joy” in your life through the art of tidying up. Her technique has helped millions de-clutter their homes and lives. Here are a few of her tips. You can read more about her “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” here.

  1. Clean out your cabinets by taking out all plastic ware and make sure each piece has a lid. If not, recycle. Organize your shelves by keeping the lids all in one place and the bottom pieces nested by size. Recycle any pieces that are worn or peeling. New Years Decluttering
  2. Consider your linens. If you have a duvet cover on your comforter, do you need a top sheet for each set of sheets? Are all your towels needed and in the best condition? A local animal shelter, such as the Montgomery County Humane Society, would love the donation of your unneeded items. New Years at White Oak
  3. Unused toiletries from hotels taking up space in your bathroom are perfect donations to shelters such as the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless.
  4. Yes, books are a great way to decorate a room but if they’re only collecting dust perhaps they’re better off as a donation to your local library. The White Oak Library on New Hampshire Avenue is currently under an exciting renovation and expected to open early 2018.
  5. Time to tackle the closet. Sentimental t-shirts can be made into a quilt. Clothes in good condition can be sold White Oak Aptsonline or in local consignment shops. And several charities will come and pick up your donations such as the Salvation Army.

Excessive clutter can add stress to already hectic lifestyles. The key is for everything to have its place, and to tidy as you go. Living in an apartment in the White Oak Communities provides ample storage and closet space, but do not let that be a reason to clutter up your life!