Fall in Love with Silver Spring Living

Fall is officially here, and we’re ready to make the most of the cooler weather and changing leaves! This month, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to get ready for fall and enjoy this colorful season.

Pack away your summer gear.
As summer ends, it’s time to pack up those seasonal items and warm weather clothes. Before boxing everything up or stowing items in a closet, ask yourself if they will truly last through another summer. If the answer is no, find ways to reuse or recycle the items, or donate them to charity.

Declutter your space.
As you’re packing away your warm weather essentials, take some time to declutter other areas of your home too. If you live in a small space or have minimal storage, you might be holding on to a lot more clutter than you need. Check out this list of twelve things you probably own too much of for suggestions on where to start.

Add some bright accents.
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Add some bright accents.
Bring some of the beautiful fall colors into your home with inexpensive accent pieces. Bright or patterned throw pillows can add new life to your sofa, or try a colorful area rug to warm up bare floors. You can also find inexpensive wall décor or prints at a variety of local shops for a pop of color.

Make your bed.
Switch out your lightweight summer bedding for some cozy fall/winter essentials. The colder weather is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a new comforter or blanket. If you prefer a D.I.Y. option, try knitting, crocheting, or quilting for a fun hobby that is also practical.

Enjoy the colors of the season.
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Enjoy the colors of the season.
Head outside and enjoy the cooler weather and vibrant fall colors. Fall is an ideal time for both practiced and novice photographers to look around and snap some beautiful photos. Share your photos on social media or print and frame them for some easy seasonal decorations!

Brighten up.
With shorter days, it’s important to bring light into your home. Consider adding new decorative lighting like table or floor lamps. Mirrors can also help brighten a space by reflecting light and making rooms seem larger.

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Bring the outside indoors.
As the colder weather and shorter days cause us to spend more time inside, bring a bit of nature inside with you. Add some life and color to your interiors with house plants and fresh-cut flowers. You can even use fresh produce like pumpkins or squash as decorative elements.

Try a seasonal recipe.
Fall is one of our favorite seasons for cooking and baking. It’s a great time to experiment with new recipes that use your favorite seasonal ingredients like pumpkins, apples, and squash. Some of our favorites include pumpkin cupcakes, butternut squash soup, and caramel apple bread pudding.

Make it a movie night.Make it a movie night.
For those cool fall nights, curl up with a cup of warm apple cider, some cinnamon sugar popcorn, and a great movie. There are many fantastic movies set in the fall, whether your prefer a prep-school classic like Dead Poets Society, a romantic comedy like You’ve Got Mail, or a spooky horror flick like Halloween.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall? Silver Spring is the ideal location to take advantage of the mild weather, beautiful colors, and fun activities this season!