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Grady Communities Win Customer Service Awards

Grady Management is pleased to announce that several of its White Oak communities received outstanding honors in resident service from nationally accredited sources. 

SatisFacts is a nationwide company that surveys over 3 million residents annually. These results are tabulated and the top percentages receive their 2017 Resident Satisfaction Award.  The national SatisFacts’ awards recognize top property management companies and communities who are dedicated to the resident experience. Those who win are rewarded for their company’s leadership and focus on actionable best practices as measured through the SatisFacts’ Insite and/or Annual survey program. Communities must rate a 4.0 or higher with a minimum of 25 completed surveys. Grady is proud to announce that Yorkshire Apartment Homes and Montgomery Paint Branch, both part of our White Oak Communities, achieved this honor.

Both communities also won the 2017 ApartmentRatings Top Rated Award. This award program recognizes the top 5% of communities listed on ApartmentRatings and acknowledges those for their outstanding customer service levels and dedication to the renter experience. ApartmentRatings is an online site used by renters to see reviews from verified residents. The parameters for this award include a recommended score of 70% or higher, at least 10 reviews in total, and 5 reviews in 2017.

Grady is thankful to the teams at each community for their hard work and dedication to our residents. Their support makes these awards possible, and we congratulate our teams for the recognition.

Surviving Allergy Season

Spring is on its way so that means it’s time for pollen and allergies. April can be one of the worst months for the Mid-Atlantic. We’re getting ready for the warm weather here at the White Oak Communities so here are some tips to help ease the sneezes.

Keep car and apartment windows closed. Avoid using fans which can agitate pollen into the air.

Check the pollen and allergy forecast daily here

When home for the day, or returning from outdoors, take a shower to help cleanse the pollen in your hair and on your skin, and to keep it from your inside your home.

Take off your shoes and change your clothes when coming home to avoid tracking pollen into the house.

Keep your apartment tidy. Here are some tips for staying pollen-free in the home.

Avoid being outside on windy days, or when pesticides or fertilizers are applied. A scarf or mask covering your mouth can help tremendously. For information on the landscaping schedule contact your community manager.

Pollen counts are at the highest mid-mornings and early afternoons so plan your days accordingly.

Wear sunglasses to help keep pollen from your eyes.

We love being pet-friendly here at White Oak. However, be mindful of letting your dog sleep in your bed as he could carry pollen in his fur. 

With careful planning, you can enjoy the warming weather and blooming landscapes at our communities.

10 Tips to Get Your Apartment Ready for Spring

It’s that time of year again to clear out the cobwebs and let in the fresh air. Here are some tips to help get ready for spring in your apartment at White Oak Communities.

  1. Put away your winter bedding and replace with lighter covers. Animal shelters love donations of blankets and sheets.
  2. Vacuum and flip your mattress. If you have a pillowtop, rotate it 180 degrees. 
  3. While putting away winter clothing, donate items that are no longer needed. Purple Heart will come pick up your donations to make the process even easier.
  4. Organize your junk drawer by removing all items and determining if they’re still useful. Replace items into organizing trays to keep neat.
  5. Remove all items from your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets and toss any expired food. Clean shelves and replace items grouping similar foods together.
  6. Vinegar is the best solution for cleaning a microwave. Learn how here.
  7. Organize seasonal items in see-through containers so they’re easily identifiable when needed.
  8. Bring in the outdoors with these plants perfect for apartment living. 
  9. Here are tips for cleaning windows and letting in all of the sunshine.
  10. Clear off decks and patios of any debris and sweep. Clean and organize furniture for a pleasant view when you come home.

As always, if you need assistance with anything, please let us know. It’s a great time of year to start fresh!

The Perks of Living with Pets

Each of our White Oak Communities allows pets for a paw-esome lifestyle. Vista at White Oak, Montgomery White Oak, and Montgomery at Paint Branch all allow cats and small dogs. Yorkshire Apartments welcomes your feline friend. Cat picture

Recent news reported that dogs owners live longer as the companionship leads to a healthier lifestyle. Pets have been known to help with depression and anxiety as well. Puppy


A big yard isn’t needed to keep a dog happy. There are many exercises and activities to help your dog stay entertained while living in an apartment. Our White Oak Communities offer walking paths and open fields which are perfect for your pups to get out and play.

For a more social experience, Yelp offers a list of the Top 10 Dog Parks in Silver SpringDog Playing


To stay connected with your fur-babies during the day, the Furbo Camera works via a phone app and will dispense a treat to your very good boy or girl. You may also set up home surveillance equipment to see what he is up to throughout the day. Some systems have sound, so you can tell him to “get off the couch” if need be.

Like to bake? Homemade treats are a healthy, fun way to show your love. They make great gifts, too, for the other canines and felines in your life. Making homemade toys is also a crafty way to spend the colder winter months.

Pet Friendly ApartmentsDon’t have a pet? The Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center has many looking for a home. Check them out to adopt your new best friend and help make your apartment feel like a home.