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Moving Checklist For Pets

Moving can be stressful for anyone, there’s so much to do and so little time. It’s especially stressful on your pets. At Grady Management, we want to make sure all your feline friends move in with as little stress as possible! Here is a quick moving checklist to help you and your furry friend have a smooth move:  Continue reading “Moving Checklist For Pets”

5 Space Saving Items Your Apartment Needs

There are many benefits to living in an apartment. However, a common scenario apartment residents run into is deciding the best way to decorate their home.

Some people may run into issues with storage when living in an apartment. Sound familiar? We thought so.

This post is all about decorating your apartment to add extra storage! No more filling up space with furniture that doesn’t create more living space for you.

Our team of leasing professionals have come up with the following five space saving items make your apartment look sophisticated, while giving you some extra space to store your goodies:

1. Coffee tables that allow space for baskets underneath are perfect for storing blankets, toys, DVDs, games, and more. Continue reading “5 Space Saving Items Your Apartment Needs”

3 Tips For Dusting Those Hard-To-Reach Places

Let’s face it, there are places in your home that you wouldn’t normally think to clean during your weekly cleaning sesh. Some of these are places you don’t even want to you don’t. Letting dust build up in hard-to-reach places can actually make the rest of your apartment more dirty. When the air starts to blow, it moves the dust around the home – yuck! Here are 3 clever ways to get those hard-to-reach places clean:

Continue reading “3 Tips For Dusting Those Hard-To-Reach Places”

Celebrate Earth Day This Weekend (and All Year-Round)

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 each year since 1970. The concept was first proposed by United States Senator Gaylor Nelson, who after witnessing the massive oil spill in California the year before, wanted to combine the energy and enthusiasm of the student anti-war movement with an emerging public consciousness regarding air and water pollution. That first event, held in cities across the United States, saw 20 million Americans take to the streets, with 200 million people in 141 countries around the world celebrating it just 20 years later. This year, over 190 countries are expected to participate and there are several ways in which you can join in right here in Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding communities. Continue reading “Celebrate Earth Day This Weekend (and All Year-Round)”